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In 'Ay, Ay Picante', you will enjoy the vast and diverse Peruvian menus, which include seafood, meats, fish, chicken, and a variety of sweet scrumptious desserts.

In the Peruvian Restaurant 'Ay, Ay Picante' located at 4569 N. Elston Ave., Don Jaime Bardales and Doña Chamuca Bardales show through their delightful service, extraordinary skill, and their marvelous murals that their cuisine is an important expression of Peruvian culture.

Come and experience a brilliant taste in a pleasant atmosphere with exceptional service. But, most of all, come and discover an overture to the Peruvian history and its cuisine!

The food is prepared by Peruvian chefs using Peruvian spices. This makes the dishes delicious and authentic. The food can be both exotic and familiar.

Peruvians were some of the first people to domesticate corn, avocados, potatoes, and chiles. Come and try a unique style of cooking in a relaxing atmosphere.

The restaurant is filled with pre-Columbian murals from the Peruvian Nazca culture. The Nazca created mysterious giant images in the desert that can only be seen from an airplane.

Due to Peru's abundance of natural resources and its proximity to the ocean, an variety of markets can readily satisfy the need for fresh ingredients that would amaze even the most sophisticated connoisseur.


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